Tidelands Photography Club Bi-monthly Photo Contest

Basic Contest Rules:

  • Contests will be held Bi-Monthly beginning in February 2023
  • Members will be limited to TWO images, one in Themed and one in Open.
  • Images may not be re-entered into any other contest except “Image of the Year”.
  • Themes for Contests will be announced by the Board
  • Photo for the themed contest must be taken within the past 12 months of the contest deadline.
  • Contests are open to members in good standing of Tidelands Photography Club.
  • Photo and editing must be the sole work of the entrant/member.  The only exception at this time would be the addition of textures created by another, but purchased and applied by the entrant.
  • Photos entered in a Contest may be manipulated using photo editing programs.
  • The club members named “Photographer of the Year” will automatically be moved up into the next higher level of competition for the following year.  






Members will initially choose their own level.  The Board, in consult with the member, may review the chosen level if it seems to be necessary.


2023 Contest Themes

Jan/Feb: Food - deadline Feb.15th

Mar/Apr: Raindrops - deadline Apr.15th

May/Jun: Things that are Soft - deadline Jun.15th

Jul/Aug: Architecture - deadline Aug.15th    

Sep/Oct: Barns - deadline Oct.15th

December - Image of the Year - due by Dec.15 (winners announced at the Jan.                                                                         meeting.)


Open Category - Open to all members regardless of level and without a theme.

**Images for the Open Category do not have to be taken during the previous 12 months.

**Images will be accepted until the 15th of the month prior to contest.  Reminders will be sent via email and posted on the website.

To Submit your images, email them to Sandra Barnes @ smb.piper@gmail.com

Guidelines of Themed Contest Levels

Click on link below to bring up PDF of definitions for the levels in the Themed Category of our Bi-monthly Photo Contest.

Contest Filing, Naming, and Sizing (updated)

Click on link below to bring up PDF explaining how to name and size your contest entries.

  • Any photo entered during the bi-monthly contests will be eligible for submission in the “Image of the Year” Contest which will be held in December.
  • The member would submit ONE image which represents their best work.
  • Members are free to make edits to improve the photo for submission at year end.  Photo must be recognizable as the original.

Photographer of the Year:

The club members who receive the highest TOTAL point scores for the year in each level will be named “Photographer of the Year.”

Points will be entered on spreadsheet and a cumulative total would be tallied for each club member.  The members receiving the highest overall point totals in each level will be named Tidelands Photographer of the Year, for that level. In the case of a tie, multiple “Photographer of the Year” Awards will be given.


“Submit your contest images”


Each judge will assign each submission a numeric score between 1 and 15, where 1 is lowest and 15 is highest. The judge’s comments will be kept and offered at the contest meetings. The comments are intended to help all members work toward improving their understanding andperformanceof the elements of photography.

Image of the Year: