***Photoshop Remove Tool Instructions (also sample image)

***Photoshop Remove Tool (sample image: right click on red link - choose open in new window or tab and then save flower image to your computer) sometimes image is slow to upload.

Link:       https://tidelandsphotogra…/Tips %26 Tricks/flowers.jpg

Right click on red Download File - choose open in new window

Transfer huge files

Remove Toursits from Images

Photoshop Club July 2016 Layers

Luminosity Masks, a Teaser

Photoshop Layers Part 1

Layers Part 2 Layer Masks

Texture Layers


Advanced Composition slideshow


Image Renaming

Topaz Studio Resizing & Renaming images

Luminar Resizing & Renaming images

Photoshop Resizing images

Lightroom resizing & renaming images

Resize Photos for sending


Editing Skills