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Tom Zegray


I was born in a family of eight children during the baby boomer years.  I was born on February 15th,  1959 in central New Jersey. After graduating high school in 1977 I went to the county college and immediately was hired by the data center as a computer operator. I went to college for two years switching from accounting to computer science and working second shift in the computer room and my career in computers was established. I played the game of stepping stones until I was hired to a book publisher and worked over twenty years for them and now enjoy the monthly pension deposit I earned along with my social security direct deposit monthly.  I retired from IT in 2005 and moved permanently from New Jersey to Murrells Inlet to work the bagel shop I purchased building and property.  I worked part time in kennels also volunteering for the local no kill shelter and retired finally when I received disability 3 years ago.  I'm a published author of 5 books and own a home in Georgetown county,  the south side of Murrells Inlet.  I still care for dogs boarding and daycare in my home and walk the beach at Huntington Beach state park most mornings with my dog Brownie.  I also have a chocolate lab,  baby Ruth who was also a rescue like Brownie and life is great and it's getting better all the time. I started my love for photography while walking the beach and focusing mostly on sunrises and nature. I'm a newbie but totally enjoying retired life and the journey...I'm zen Buddhist now and one with nature and practice yoga and meditation and mindfulness. I'm sure that my photography will be improved because I am focusing on the journey,  not a goal. Tidelands photography club is the way I'm going to keep getting better all the time!