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Color Munki

Color Munki | Display Calibration tool
Tidelands Photography Club has purchased a Color Munki | Display
This is a tool to calibrate your monitor(s). It’s simple to use and is
FREE for all members to use.
I’ve also calibrated our Projector.
To borrow this tool, please send Ed an email and I’ll arrange to get
it to you. I’ll maintain a list so all members can use this device.

Tidelands Photography club Winya Auditorum Nov. Update

Please click on the Download file

Winyah Auditorum Exhibition

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How to CRITIQUE an Image

How to CRITIQUE an Image

**Look at the image as objectively as you can

Critique the same way you would want to be critiqued

State what you think works well in the image and explain why

Include recommendations for improvement, if any, and explain why

      1 - Assess the exposure:  over/under, light direction, contrast/gray scale

      2 - Check the subject’s focus:  clear or sharp, depth of field

      3 - Comment on the focal length:  telephoto, wide angle, cropping, point of view

      4 - Analyze the composition:  rule of thirds, golden ratio, subject placement, other areas in the image: do they complement the subject and contribute to the success of the image?

      5 - Observe the photo's visual weight:  what you see first, impact, value, does the image tell a story?

      6 - Examine the foreground and background: important/distraction, space, texture, 2D/3D

 **Keep in Mind

The Seven Elements of Art: line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color

The Seven Elements of Photography:  composition, texture, depth, patterns, light, shapes, vantage point

“Each image is an experiment, as you have successful results and unsuccessful results. 

          To strive for perfection, your image should have discovery and freedom.”

Blank Model Release

Please click on the Download file for form in PDF format

Food Photography

 The following links are to You Tube tutorials about photographing food.  Ed researched them, and they should be helpful as members prepare for the next contest theme – Food.

First one’s quite long, but just skip through the dialog and watch his set up and comments.

The rest in random order:

Very British, but good:

Light source and light shaping and diffusers:

Good tips on composition, this lady has several tutorials, just google her: